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Ring politischer Jugend gegründet


Gestern wurde nun offiziell der Ring politischer Jugend im Rems-Murr Kreis in der kaufmännischen Schule Waiblingen gegründet. Mehr zu dem Thema wird noch folgen!
Wir freuen uns auf dieses gemeisname Projekt von uns Jusos, der Jungen Union, der Grünen Jugend und den Jungen Liberalen.



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I'm done with petitions I'm aifard. There's only one way that we are going to take our country back and it ain't gonna be pretty! TPTB have been given more than enough chances to do the right thing and have lied and twisted and wriggled at every opportunity. They don't care for what we think. The EU is a politicians wet dream and all they can see are Euros millions of lovely Euros, all waiting for them when they've finished screwing us.I am so angry about what they've done I can hardly breathe. I really am just about ready to well, I won't say but you can probably guess. Suffice to say I won't be happy until heads are on spikes!

Autor: Fullremusicas, Datum: 24.09.2012